Bringing people closer together every day

Helping people achieve more together – Meta develops technologies that enable people to stay in touch with others, find communities and build businesses. Meta transcends the boundaries of two-dimensionality and focuses on immersive experiences in the metaverse. This is how they make an important contribution to the further development of social technologies.

Meta Quest 2 Enterprise​

Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest 2 Enterprise
Hardware at a new level – including easy set-up and safe use

From collaborative presentations to 360° videos, everything looks stunning thanks to 20 pixels per degree resolution and a fast-switch LCD display with 1,832 x 1,920 pixels per eye.
With 6DOF, the headset detects your head movements and the movements of your body and then transfers them into VR with realistic precision. No external sensors required.

Enjoy an advanced all-in-one VR experience with just the headset and controllers (smartphone app required). Or connect to a computer with the link cable.

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Touch control

Thanks to the touch controllers, your virtual hands feel like your real ones. The ergonomics of the Meta Quest 2 touch controllers have been significantly improved. The new thumb rest gives you the stability you need when you need it. Hand tracking even lets you play with your own hands.

Processor and headset streaming

With 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm’s ultra-fast Snapdragon XR2 platform, the Meta Quest 2 offers optimal performance.

Work collaboratively with colleagues in VR or with others on a presentation. Stream directly to a compatible TV or smartphone using the Oculus app.

Meta Quest Pro
One headset – countless possibilities

Meta’s most advanced headset yet. A whole new way to work, create and collaborate.

The Meta Quest Pro is designed to work as hard as you do – with incredible graphics, premium comfort, mixed reality, expressive avatars and all without wires.

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A completely new lens for a fresh view

With the Quest Pro, Meta introduces the Infinite Display. Thanks to their innovative, patented pancake lens and display technology, they have slimmed down the optical components by 40% – so you benefit from a more compact and lighter headset design. Experience VR content at its best with crisp, crystal-clear resolution of 22 pixels per degree, 75% more contrast and a 1.3 times wider colour gamut for even more vibrant colours.

Wearable technology in its ultimate form

The slim design and balanced ergonomics make it more comfortable to wear, so you can create and work in VR for longer – whether alone or in a team. What’s more, you can decide for yourself how deeply you want to immerse yourself in VR. From now on, the virtual world adapts to your wishes. And the best part? – The headset is also suitable for people who wear glasses.

VR – just a virtual fingertip away

With the intuitive, handy controllers, it’s no problem at all. Included with your headset.

The self-tracking controllers fit perfectly in your hand and offer haptic TruTouch feedback and highly precise zoom in/out gestures. VR has never felt so intuitive and realistic. In VR, the controllers transform into a completely natural extension of your hands.

Hardware on a new level – and so much more

The Meta Quest Pro is equipped with everything you need to create and collaborate alone or with others: Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, charging dock with fast-charging USB-C power adapter, ten advanced VR/MR sensors, 256GB of storage, 12GB of RAM and a Snapdragon XR2+ Qualcomm processor.