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Transform the way you work

VIVE Business: Everything you need to take your business into Virtual reality.

Every company has specific needs for VR technology. Some require the best possible hardware via PC rendering, large-scale  tracking, or multiple users in one environment. Others value  comfort, portability, and lower-cost standalone systems for entry into the world of virtual reality. Schenker Technologies, as the B2B distribution partner of HTC VIVE in the D-A-CH region, is able to offer all VIVE Business solutions.

Bring the benefits of virtual reality to your business

Work together, when apart

Working remotely? No problem. Build trust and foster team spirit, no matter where you are. VIVE Business brings teams together from multiple locations in an immersive 3D experience that’s free from outside distractions. Collaborate and connect beyond the limits of the physical world.

Powerful learning

Research shows that VR trainees are more engaged, learn more effectively, and retain their knowledge for longer. Give multiple colleagues a simultaneous hands-on experience in a true-to-life environment, efficiently and safely, with no disruption to the workplace.

Design visualization

Bring a team together over any distance to review everything from the big picture to the smallest detail. Evaluate, give feedback, and make 3D changes in real-time..
VIVE XR Elite - a powerful, convertible, and lightweight XR headset

Enjoy untethered freedom of all-in-one XR or harness the power of PC VR. It packs exceptional graphics and high-resolution passthrough in a compact form factor. Adjustable IPD and diopter dials deliver the most natural and clearest visual experience. Experience high-octane PC-VR gaming through wireless or USB-C streaming. Powerful speakers produce crisp, immersive audio. VIVE XR Elite—the sleek headset that goes where you go.

Lightweight XR

A sleek, 240 g headset that goes where you go.

Made for heavy-duty graphics

Boasts 3840 x 1920 combined resolution and 19 pixels per degree. Up to 110° field of view and 90Hz refresh rate in a remarkably compact form factor

Depth-sensing precision

Accurate tracking and spatial awareness in varied light conditions.

Suited for your eyes

Adjustable IPD and diopter controls for sharp vision.

Vivid, high-resolution passthrough

Blend physical and virtual worlds. Expand play. New possibilities.

Convertible form factor

Detach the battery cradle for enhanced portability.

Hands on

Navigate, click, drag, scroll, and type with natural hand and finger movements. (Hand-tracking features are VR title dependent.)

Balanced and clear

Powerful speakers deliver crisp, immersive audio.

Always on track

4 tracking cameras with large field of view, high-performance depth sensor and high-resolution RGB colour camera.
Vivid augmented reality with precise interaction between user and environment.

Fine-tune your visual experience with infinite IPD adjustment. Adjust the diopters on each side to adjust visual acuity and see without glasses.

VIVE Focus 3 - Business Edition
The new era of business VR.

Bridge physical distance with seamless remote collaboration. Learn and train with unprecedented efficiency. Visualize all things creative, from architecture and exhibitions to marketing campaigns and more.

Meet the all-in-one VIVE Focus 3. Delivering best-in-class graphics, ergonomic comfort and advanced business applications that will transform the way you work.

Always sharp: 5K resolution

See more naturally: up to 120° field of view

Smoothest visual: 90Hz refresh rate

Get great apps and content with purchase of VIVE Focus 3: VIVE Sync, VR Web Browser and VR Video Player.

VIVE Focus 3
VIVE Pro 2 - Business Edition
High-fidelity professional PC-VR

xperience category-leading immersion with VIVE Pro 2, ideal for environments and applications including design, marketing visualization, precision training, and more.

VIVE Pro 2 is an easy-to-deploy PC-VR system designed to elevate your virtual experiences with 5K resolution, balanced ergonomics, sub-millimetre tracking accuracy, and cutting-edge accessories.

Always sharp: 5K resolution

See more naturally: up to 120° field of view

Smoothest visual: 90Hz refresh rate


VIVE Pro 2 Full Kit
Enterprise-grade support and services designed to protect your investment
Keep your business running smoothly with VIVE Business Warranty & Services. The package includes a two-year limited commercial-use warranty, support, and services. Features like next business-day email response, expedited product repair, and dedicated phone and chat support minimize downtime
  • Registration and activation required for use. Start by creating a VIVE Business account
  • Activation must be completed within 90 days of the hardware purchase.