The virtual reality solution for your enterprises

VRdirect is the virtual reality platform that enables companies to create application-based virtual reality solutions that support real-world business processes and deliver tangible business value.

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Accessible Virtual Reality Content Creation

VRdirect offers companies and corporations a central platform to develop,
deploy and publish VR applications without expert knowledge.

The platform is enterprise-ready, all applications can be shared across the company and made available across departments in a central hub application.

One solution – numerous use cases

 From virtual tours, training and education in VR to showrooms and virtual events. VRdirect offers you numerous possibilities for customers, partners and potential applicants to experience your company through virtual demonstrations.

Immersive education and training with virtual reality for faster learning, less downtime and lower costs are possible as well as virtual tours of production lines, office space or showrooms.

Create VR content across platforms and departments

High usability enables departments to create and publish interactive virtual reality projects on their own. Projects can be deployed to all VR-enabled devices, mobile devices, and web browsers via the VRdirect platform, while the VRdirect Cloud enables global distribution and 24/7 availability

Higher turnover and better customer retention

Immersive experiences lead to more engagement of your customers with your products and your brand. Higher awareness is created and a deeper emotional connection to your company is built. This creates revenue growth and increases customer loyalty for your company.

More productivity and significant cost reduction

The high immersion value of virtual reality applications enables companies to get their messages across faster. Employees benefit from a better learning effect, making education and training more efficient.

Ease of use, constant availability on all popular devices, and the ability to share all developed applications across the enterprise drastically reduce costs compared to other solutions.